The library of the Adalbert Stifter Association

View of the library room

The library of the Adalbert Stifter Association contains some 10,000 volumes: fiction and poetry by German-Bohemian and Czech authors, secondary literary criticism, exhibition catalogues, art books, and literature on the history of art and culture in the Bohemian lands. These books are integrated into the academic library of the Sudetendeutsches Haus (Wissenschaftliche Bibliothek im Sudetendeutschen Haus), which is managed by the Collegium Carolinum, the research centre for the Bohemian lands, and is located in the basement of the Sudetendeutsches House. A small number of these books can be found in the Adalbert Stifter Association’s reference library on the third floor of the Sudetendeutsche Haus, however, and can be consulted directly by arrangement.

The volumes reflect the particular efforts made to purchase and collect books since the 1950s. The library includes the large collections created at the end of the 19th century: academic descriptions of the artistic and cultural monuments arranged by political district (either Czech or German), which also supplement the volumes Die Österreichisch-Ungarische Monarchie in Wort und Bild (‘The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in Word and Picture’). It also contains the equally elaborate volumes Čechy (‘Czechs’) illustrated by Karel Liebscher, arranged according to the old administrative divisions, the early topographic works of Jaroslav Schaller (Bohemia) and Gregor Wolny (Moravia), and early descriptions of Prague etc. Finally, the reference library also includes the encyclopedic lexicon Ottův slovník naučný from 1896 with supplementary volumes added since 1930, a history of Bohemia in German by Franz (František) Palacký, a reprint of the Prague Stifter edition, dictionaries and the association’s many publications of its own: yearbooks, catalogues, the series of art books published by Prestel publishing house etc.

Kulturgeschichte der Böhmischen Länder. Dieser Bestand ist in die integriert, die vom Collegium Carolinum, der Forschungsstelle für die böhmischen Länder verwaltet wird, und sich im Untergeschoß des Sudetendeutschen Hauses befindet. Ein kleiner Teil des Bestandes befindet sich jedoch in der Handbibliothek des Adalbert Stifter Vereins im III. Stock des Sudetendeutschen Hauses und kann nach Absprache direkt eingesehen werden.